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Pitchurniche.com is a video sharing platform that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their Startup or Existing Business ideas to individual investors and corporations.


We were tasked to create an engaging landing page for their existing website. The client wanted to have an animated and graphics-heavy landing page to introduce their platform to their audiences. Since the project is a crowdfunding platform, we were faced with the dilemna of balancing a graphic heavy page without sacrificing the functionality and usability for mobile devices.


Color Palette

The target audience of the website are young entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own business. To create a friendly and cheerful vibe, we used bright colors to complement the main green color of the existing brand.


The bright colors fit well with the icons and made them eye-catching and interesting for the users.


A rough sketch of the storyboard was presented first to the client before a digital version was submitted which reflected the final look and treatment of the explainer video.


Engaging the Audience

Instead of using an animated and graphic-heavy front page to address the challenge, we suggested to embed an explainer video instead to make the landing page as light-weight as possible. Using an explainer video was a better choice as it removed the limits of CSS3 animations in terms of device and browser compatibility, audio utilization, user control and loading time. The client liked the idea, so he provided us with a script that we converted into a digital animation.
Another key feature of the landing page is the call to action buttons.  There are two notable buttons which allow users choose which category they will fall in when they register: as investor or as entrepreneur. The contents and graphics below the header change as the user chooses clicks on the button category they fall into.
On the bottom of the page is the call to action button which brings the user to the registration area.

Simple yet Functional


After doing a research and preparing wireframes, we made a huge improvement on the interface from their old design.
On the header, we added a profile navigation menu where we placed the user’s profile photo, messages, payment history, etc.
We made the search bar more functional buy including filters and categories for easier and accurate search results.
For the results, we opted for a card-based design and functionality that presents an overview of the video pitches. The details that can be seen on the card are the photo and name of the pitch, equity targets, remaining days left for the video to be posted, number of views and the reached goal.

Everything in One Place


We opted for an organized layout for the pitch page. On the top area is where the video player and the detailed overview of the pitch resides. There are some features that we suggested and introduced to enhance the pages such as the social sharing feature and the tab functionality.
Below the overview area, we suggested to add social media share buttons. To keep things organized, we opted for a tab-based interface so additional panels can be added later on. The tab includes the public and private info of the pitch, comments section for interested investors to ask questions, FAQ section where the entrepreneurs post answers to commonly asked questions and the funders tab which show users who have invested in the project.


Explainer Video